“Why Spanish children take a lot of time to learn foreign languages?”

The topic I would like to focus on now is the amount of time children take in order to learn languages. In fact, most teenagers are studying higher courses in high-school without understanding their own native language what leads to a difficult understanding of another foreign languages.

andre-hunter-168807-unsplash.jpgAs an English teacher, I must provide my students with attractive methodology for them to catch all that heavy theory they are supposed to study. Yet, despite all my efforts on trying this, they are unable to know how a language works. Why? Quite easy. They are not used to see grammar as an easy issue; but a difficult trouble. So, the problem starts in their really young age. We are all taught the same with subjects such as: History, Maths, Arts, Music, and Languages. We are often taught our native language as the first language we have contact to and hence we learn the basic grammar, orthography, and native’s vocabulary. However, it seems that is not an easy-peasy task for our teachers. To make a child understand the grammar of a language is a hard work. So, we think she or he will understand in future, once being a teenagers in the high-school. That is the typical thought, yet it is not true at all.

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