A new age of children’s education: from books to Minecraft

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Since our very starting age, we are said several times to not spend time in video games since they are supposed to be a bad influence when we are starting to become teenagers. Resultado de imagen de minecraftThis could rely on the fact that children should play with other distractions, such as sports or playground games. A lot of possibilities should be taken into account before choosing video games. I particularly remember all the times my friends told me to go downstairs to play football with my friends next to their grumpy old granddads instead of staying at home playing with whom I thought it was my only actual friend, Pikachu —and it is not even a person. The first impression I had was that it was just entertainment; however, things did unexpectedly change. What we in the past called “bad habit” now is considered a really good option for children to learn”. Yet, are really video games as bad as we suppose they are? How much profit there is for children —and not too little— by playing video games? Continue reading “A new age of children’s education: from books to Minecraft”