A new age of children’s education: from books to Minecraft

In case you want to read it in PDF, here’s the link to the original document. A new age of children’s education

Since our very starting age, we are said several times to not spend time in video games since they are supposed to be a bad influence when we are starting to become teenagers. Resultado de imagen de minecraftThis could rely on the fact that children should play with other distractions, such as sports or playground games. A lot of possibilities should be taken into account before choosing video games. I particularly remember all the times my friends told me to go downstairs to play football with my friends next to their grumpy old granddads instead of staying at home playing with whom I thought it was my only actual friend, Pikachu —and it is not even a person. The first impression I had was that it was just entertainment; however, things did unexpectedly change. What we in the past called “bad habit” now is considered a really good option for children to learn”. Yet, are really video games as bad as we suppose they are? How much profit there is for children —and not too little— by playing video games?

Video games are non-tangible entertaining products developed just for leisure; but they could introduce a better understanding of the world for players. Several researchers have found that playing one hour of our favourite video game can develop new feelings and emotions within our internal cortex side, what is meant to be a better feeling of entertainment. Furthermore, it depends on the type of video game you are playing with. A shooter game will increase your feinting skills, in order to avoid hits in the real life. In addition, reflex action skills are supposed to be increased due to the fact of being in alert for the time children are playing, notwithstanding this.

Another kind of game alike children love to play with is RPG —role playing game— which allows them to come into an unrealistic life, providing them with copycat items of the real life. Money is a good example of that. Inside video games such as Pokémon, the player is given some money at the beginning of the game for buying new items along. In the first shop we come across we must acquire half of the left items we will have already used, although we will have to save some money for later —unless children want to lose the game really fast.

This is a good point to focus on. What is the most natural way to learn that we are living in a society in which we do must save money to not lose the game —or even our house? Apart of being a really geeky boy, I started to understand that little time after with another RPG, when I started to play with my PlayStation 2 to a whole new game called Suikoden II.

This game was not just one of the best entertaining games of my life, but it was an optimal tutorial for real life too.

This game had it all; friendship, strategy, a really good role-game display in fights, and a huge extension —around 9 days of non-stopping play. It was perfect for my twelve years person. Therefore, the game I had was not multilingual and the few translations it had were more than destitute. Thus, things became quite difficult for a non-native English speaker and for any little boy indeed. But I had no fear at all, and I decided to play it anyway. It took my time to get used to unknown commands and these kinds of fights. Not so much actually, since I had already played Pokémon and I was already used to play RPG. Yet, it did worth it all the wasted time. By and large, the important issue is that I learnt how to deal with several useful abilities for my actual life.

Another example of video games success is another really famous karaoke saga. I am talking about Singstar. For those who don’t know about this video game, it is all about singing and obtaining a better score than your opponent. SingStar is a good option for parties with friends. All of you could sing individually your most desired song among the proposed list, or you may like to sing them by groups. As well as you may like.

The fact about why I mentioned this game is not for my own experience, but a friend’s. He started singing as a hobby. Little time later, the hobby turned out into competiveness and he always wanted to defeat us in SingStar. This ambition, however, led him to be more self-confident when singing in public places. “Leave it for me”, he used to beg us. It was incredible coming from him. That is another good point to remark about video games: the variety of games you can play with and all the beneficial results you might obtain from them.

The last example I would like to show is Minecraft. I have always enjoy speaking about this game due to the fact of not only being as simple as ABC, but it possesses everything an educative game should have: a huge quantity of creative actions, interaction with other players, strategic actions and duties to carry out. I would define it as “perfect”. Thus, Minecraft provides complete freedom to the player to construct all the buildings they would need. Even more, situations happening within the game should be regarded in the same way like in real life. It is important for everybody to know what to do in case you would end in the middle of nowhere with any communication device. We are not logically going to chop down each trunk we see with axes made out of other trunks, but learning to how to examine the landscape, to think over the situation, and do something with all the resources you are surrounded with is essential. These are the values this game is introducing to our kids. In fact, several schools have started to apply this method of learning. Kids are allowed to play Minecraft for several hours throughout the week, in a moderated way, though. Hence, skills such as independency or imagination are boosted and applied in virtual situations.

 By and large, playing video games is not so bad at all, as our grandparents always told. They develop their self-knowledge and their abilities. Notwithstanding that, it is obvious that enhancing children to play physical activities is important too, because of their will to play with other little people, they will usually want to run, jump, bounce, or play “Hide and Seek”. We must not forget that they are still children, though.

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