Locks are the new black! At least in summer.

Sorry for not being able to write more often, but I’ve been very busy thanks to tests, marks, and work, so… I will try to write more often (well, I’ll do my best).

The issue I wan to focus on today is about dreadlocks (now just Locks) and ‘rastafari’ style. All of us have been in several festivals and music concerts and they were completly crammed with lots of people wearing tman-1171806_1920his outlandish hair style. The same idea always came up in our minds: “This person must be an outrageous criminal, a jonkie, or an ex-convict.” Other ones believe that those who wear dreadlocks are people who just smoke marijuana all day and have nothing else to do with their lifes. But I’m afraid to tell you that we might be completly wrong if we thought like that. 

Although I am not wearing locks (and I won’t by now for my own decision), I never suspected anyone to be a criminal for wearing them, even now that we can find them in every festival we went.

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