About us

Contravento is a project made out by traslation students with the aim of help people interested in translation, interpreting, or any language topic you may be interested in.

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Noodles in Germany taste quite better!

I decided to use the italian word Contravento which means ‘against the wind’ because I have always felt I went against everybody’s direction, and I thought it shouldn’t be so wrong going to the contrary side of the life’s road.

I spent all my life going contravento as well as en vivant la vie en rose and I thought this definition would be the best to fit with my personality, and I’m still going.

I’m the main chief of this project, Diego Ferrer; a Spanish translation student from English and French who’s also licensed in International Trade and Marketing, which provided me experience in the field of marketing and sales. The aim of this page, as I said on the main page, is to share all I know with you. You may be interested in marketing, in translation, or both even!

I do hope you find this blog useful and please don’t hesitate about sending me issues you want me to discuss about here, any one of them will be welcome!


Thank you for your visit and have a nice contravento experience!