When I decided to study Translation. Fail or nail?

“I have always imagined that Paradise would be like a library”. – Jorge Luis Borges.

My first entry… Who knew when I was just a little teenager I came up right here, studying languages, when I was completly unable to translate just a couple of sentences in other languages.

Since my very young age —the age when you just want to listen to emo music, and put all that stolen black eye-shadow on your eyelid (yes, you did too), I wanted to be a lawyer. Those you’re thinking of. A good salary, a good status in society, defending the rights of undefendable people against the law, speaking as one of the big cheeses everybody has suffered once in their lives… Y’all know. How cute my dreams were, and how cruelly life has mashed them. Now, lawyers —at least, the few I know— must overwork in order to live decently in an ordinary house, or even a rental flat with almost no electricity supply… Anyway, I don’t want to talk very much about how lawyers earn their lives. The main idea is clear. Dreams are never as we figure out when we’re young.

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