Locks are the new black! At least in summer.

Sorry for not being able to write more often, but I’ve been very busy thanks to tests, marks, and work, so… I will try to write more often (well, I’ll do my best).

The issue I wan to focus on today is about dreadlocks (now just Locks) and ‘rastafari’ style. All of us have been in several festivals and music concerts and they were completly crammed with lots of people wearing tman-1171806_1920his outlandish hair style. The same idea always came up in our minds: “This person must be an outrageous criminal, a jonkie, or an ex-convict.” Other ones believe that those who wear dreadlocks are people who just smoke marijuana all day and have nothing else to do with their lifes. But I’m afraid to tell you that we might be completly wrong if we thought like that. 

Although I am not wearing locks (and I won’t by now for my own decision), I never suspected anyone to be a criminal for wearing them, even now that we can find them in every festival we went.

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A new age of children’s education: from books to Minecraft

In case you want to read it in PDF, here’s the link to the original document. A new age of children’s education

Since our very starting age, we are said several times to not spend time in video games since they are supposed to be a bad influence when we are starting to become teenagers. Resultado de imagen de minecraftThis could rely on the fact that children should play with other distractions, such as sports or playground games. A lot of possibilities should be taken into account before choosing video games. I particularly remember all the times my friends told me to go downstairs to play football with my friends next to their grumpy old granddads instead of staying at home playing with whom I thought it was my only actual friend, Pikachu —and it is not even a person. The first impression I had was that it was just entertainment; however, things did unexpectedly change. What we in the past called “bad habit” now is considered a really good option for children to learn”. Yet, are really video games as bad as we suppose they are? How much profit there is for children —and not too little— by playing video games? Continue reading “A new age of children’s education: from books to Minecraft”

“Why Spanish children take a lot of time to learn foreign languages?”

The topic I would like to focus on now is the amount of time children take in order to learn languages. In fact, most teenagers are studying higher courses in high-school without understanding their own native language what leads to a difficult understanding of another foreign languages.

andre-hunter-168807-unsplash.jpgAs an English teacher, I must provide my students with attractive methodology for them to catch all that heavy theory they are supposed to study. Yet, despite all my efforts on trying this, they are unable to know how a language works. Why? Quite easy. They are not used to see grammar as an easy issue; but a difficult trouble. So, the problem starts in their really young age. We are all taught the same with subjects such as: History, Maths, Arts, Music, and Languages. We are often taught our native language as the first language we have contact to and hence we learn the basic grammar, orthography, and native’s vocabulary. However, it seems that is not an easy-peasy task for our teachers. To make a child understand the grammar of a language is a hard work. So, we think she or he will understand in future, once being a teenagers in the high-school. That is the typical thought, yet it is not true at all.

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What language should I study? My point of view.

Certainly I didn’t know what languages I was going to study to when I first took the decision of studying Translation. I mean, I had no idea about languages until I stepped foot onto my degree.

It was 2009 I think, and I knew, of course, I’d study English in my degree. That language has been like a couple throughout all my life —and it’s interesting I’m still making the same mistakes though. Yet, what else? Just English? That wouldn’t be enough for being able to work as a translator, or at least here in my country because you must speak more than three languages to afford it. So, I tried two more languages out in order to can decide between them. Those two languages were French and German. The languages my future degree was going to be taught in.

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When I decided to study Translation. Fail or nail?

“I have always imagined that Paradise would be like a library”. – Jorge Luis Borges.

My first entry… Who knew when I was just a little teenager I came up right here, studying languages, when I was completly unable to translate just a couple of sentences in other languages.

Since my very young age —the age when you just want to listen to emo music, and put all that stolen black eye-shadow on your eyelid (yes, you did too), I wanted to be a lawyer. Those you’re thinking of. A good salary, a good status in society, defending the rights of undefendable people against the law, speaking as one of the big cheeses everybody has suffered once in their lives… Y’all know. How cute my dreams were, and how cruelly life has mashed them. Now, lawyers —at least, the few I know— must overwork in order to live decently in an ordinary house, or even a rental flat with almost no electricity supply… Anyway, I don’t want to talk very much about how lawyers earn their lives. The main idea is clear. Dreams are never as we figure out when we’re young.

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